Makita M2300 255mm Compound Mitre Saw

Makita M2300 Miter Saw

Description and Parameters
Powerful engine with 1.500W power
Inclined cut left to 0-45 °
Electric motor brake and safety switch
9 fixed positions can be made
Large swivel table
Stable driver stop
Fast fixation at 0 °, 22.5 °, 31.6 ° and 45 °
Easy adjustable cutting depth
Movement range 2 x 45 ° sideways



Makita M2300 Miter Saw

255mm (10″) Miter Saw – MT Series
Versatile woodworking tool
Robust, precise construction
Easy disk replacement
Can be connected to a vacuum cleaner
Movable protective cover on both sides
Built-in carrying handle

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 6.4 × 18.4 cm