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Euroboor Tube.30 Magnetic Drilling Machine

Magnetic Drilling Machine for Pipe Drilling Application

The TUBE.30 with patented shallow-field magnetic technology that offers incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 3 mm. The patent-pending base automatically pivots to conform to any pipe Ø 75 mm or larger. The magnets do not require electricity, so all the power goes to the motor. This also offers increased safety as the tool will not release from the target material in the event of an unintentional power loss. With its 900W power the TUBE.30 cuts holes between Ø 12 and 30 mm easily and quickly.

Euroboor Smart.50 Magnetic Drilling Machine

Technical Specifications:

Voltage 220 V
Speed 425
Power Motor power 1200 W Total power 1250 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 320x210x550 Meters
weight 13.5 kg